Optimizacija rute

NTS Route-optimization

When vehicle usage and operating costs are concerned, it is absolutely necessary to use modern transport planning tools. Optimization and route creation are services that allow users to perform dynamic or static route planning and optimization.

The user can create the shortest route, with a special module for route optimization. He can then save each route, compare routes visually and check whether there were deviations and how big.

A user with the implemented NTS navigation with communication service has the possibility of sending the route directly to the navigation and communication device, located with the driver in the cabin.

This is what it looks like in practice.

The user can choose one of the two possible route creation options:

  • By choosing an address on the map
  • By choosing a previously entered location

Then, he must save the route and assign it to a specific vehicle. In addition, the user can save the route and route instructions, as a PDF file, or print it immediately.

Optimizacija rute



The user also has the option, by using previously entered locations, of creating lists of locations to be visited by the driver in one day, week, or month. The user enters locations once, assigns the vehicle and defines intervals in which a certain visit is repeated (daily, weekly, monthly, on a certain day of the month / year). In accordance with the defined routes, the user can quickly and easily create a list of all location visits.

This gives the user a higher level of control, increases customer satisfaction, reduces costs and improves the quality of business.